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5 Tips To Improve eCommerce Delivery Using OnTrack

eCommerce businesses are growing at a very fast rate all over the world. Most of the eCommerce businesses being born are retail-based businesses. In retail eCommerce businesses delivery is the driving force behind good sales. Here are 5 tips to improve eCommerce delivery management using OnTrack.

1- Reducing Time To Delivery:

In order to increase the sales, the time to delivery needs to be reduced as much as possible. The more simple is supply chain management the faster is the delivery process. Data shows that customers are declined towards convenience from their online shopping experience. Though good things come to those who wait, online customers are eager to feel what they shopped online abruptly that too without leaving their home. 

This is the core reason why most eCommerce businesses are focusing on reducing time to delivery as much as they can. Nowadays most eCommerce businesses are offering same-day delivery. It can only be done by using an eCommerce delivery management software. Find those vendors that offer warehouse services, and use the delivery fleet to deliver as soon as possible. 

There shouldn’t be a shortage of stock in any region, so make sure that you have covered most of the big cities. Use the heatmap feature and try to provide your products in the regions that are demanding most of your products. 


2- Plan Deliveries Ahead: 

Planning ahead can always ensure safe delivery operations and a happy customer. The same-day delivery operations are a little complicated when it comes to planning ahead for them. But here’s what you can do to ensure that you are prepared for the same-day delivery operations. 

As OnTrack can be integrated with your eCommerce platform easily, the order will be shown in the dashboard panel automatically. When a confirmed order is shown, all you have to do is to assign the order to the idle delivery rider. The OnTrack’s route optimization feature automatically sets a route that is the fastest and traffic-free at that time. For this, all you have to make sure is that you are assigning the order to the delivery rider that is near the delivery zone. OnTrack also helps you in zone management and helps you find the idle delivery riders on spot. 


3- Working As A Third Party Delivery Service Provider:

There are always some eCommerce businesses that are not ready to have their own delivery fleet to manage the delivery operations. In such a case when you are working as a third-party delivery service provider. You can use the Custom Order Management feature of OnTrack and assign the order to the delivery riders manually. Custom Order Management takes a little more time than the OnTrack API integrated eCommerce websites.

But here you are a third-party delivery service provider so the priority is to deliver as soon as possible.  Which OnTrack provides you with route optimization features and live tracking of the delivery rider to keep track of ongoing delivery operations. 


4- Size Of Delivery Package Matters:

Most of the eCommerce businesses deal in the products that are deliverable on a bike with a carriage box. But there are some businesses that require a greater deal of carrier for the delivery. This demands a pickup wagon or a truck and that raises the costs of the delivery operations. Sometimes an average product being ordered in bulk can also push the delivery costs up a bit. 

To comply with such issues it is recommended that delivery operations costs should follow the following formula:

Average Delivery Order= catalog weight/ no. of products x Average order size. 

By using this you can save a lot on fuel costs and time, and the rest of the delivery operation will be managed by OnTrack and the delivery fleet. 


5- Easy Cash On Delivery Management:

OnTrack provides the cash on delivery feature in all of its pricing plans this helps the delivery managers to keep track of every penny being paid for the delivered product. The delivery rider records the cash being paid and the change given to the customer. This record with proof of delivery helps ensure successful cash on delivery. 

OnTrack also helps you to track every order’s cash paid and keeps a record of the flowing cash. This later helps if the customer wants to exchange or return the product. The cash on delivery feature also helps manage the finances of the delivery operations further enhancing the delivery management operations.

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