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How To Manage Multiple Restaurants’ Deliveries With OnTrack?

OnTrack is the delivery management software that helps restaurants manage their deliveries and delivery riders. But the problem with this kind of software is that they only work for one restaurant. Suppose you have multiple branches of your restaurants operating in the same town. You want to manage delivery operations from all the branches, using a single delivery management software. Unfortunately in this case you won’t have many options available. 

OnTrack provides the solution for such delivery management problems. OnTrack is a multi-restaurant food ordering & management system that enables you to manage all the delivery operations through one dashboard. With features like branch profiles, delivery rider applications, and Heat Maps you can easily manage all the delivery operations in one go. Here is a detailed guide on how to use delivery management software for multiple restaurants to carry out successful food deliveries? 

Integration Of Delivery Software With eCommerce Store:

OnTrack’s team sets up the API with your eCommerce platform for free. Because this API is custom developed it will work flawlessly with your ordering system. After that, you can manage all the delivery operations only by accessing the business intelligence embedded dashboard. 

Integration of OnTrack API is done by OnTrack’s team because we want to make sure that all the operations run smoothly after the integration and our customers don’t face any kind of delivery management issues. 

Branch Profiles For Multiple Restaurants:

We provide multiple branch profiles depending on the chosen pricing plan of the customer. This enables the customer to manage multiple restaurants using only one dashboard. So, all the orders appear directly to the branch manager’s profile, the branch manager then can manually assign a delivery rider for that particular delivery.

You can also use the order scheduling feature in case the restaurant’s customer wants to pre-order their meal. OnTrack takes the order from the customer and assigns it to the idle delivery rider that is available before the delivery time. By using the branch profiles feature you can also keep track of the cash inflow if orders are Cash On Delivery in nature. 

Delivery Riders Application For Multiple Restaurants:

OnTrack provides delivery riders application for its customers that enhances communication and provide control to the restaurant’s branch manager for better delivery management. Delivery riders application can be installed on any android or apple device. This application tracks the rider’s performance and guides the delivery rider for the assigned delivery job. 

All the data of deliveries are recorded and can be seen on branch profiles and the admin panel. Restaurants management can also track the delivery riders in live view. Live tracking shows the delivery riders’ status and current location. This feature helps the restaurant management to evaluate the performance of the delivery rider and prevents any possible flaws

Use Of HeatMaps For Better Delivery Management: 

Heatmap is the feature in OnTrack that helps our customers find the areas from where most of the orders are being ordered. If there is a scarcity of delivery riders in a branch you can easily assign the remaining orders to the idle delivery riders of another branch. Heatmaps also can help identify the branch that is getting the most orders. 

Using heatmap is easy and it helps identify the regions where you need to focus more, due to lack of orders. All of the heatmaps data is visible in both the branch manager’s profile and the admin’s panel. After identifying the zones you can use the zone management feature of OnTrack. Zone Management helps assign more delivery riders to the branch of the restaurant that is getting more orders. 

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