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Top 10 Cheapest Courier Services in Pakistan

Top 10 Cheapest Courier Services in Pakistan

Courier services play a pivotal role in today’s fast-paced realm, seamlessly expediting tasks with unmatched efficiency.

Whether it’s dispatching crucial documents, sending a heartfelt gift to a cherished one, or even securing a load of groceries, a dependable courier service emerges as the ultimate lifeline.

Pakistan witnesses a plethora of budget-friendly courier services that offer an unparalleled blend of value and utility. These services extend a helping hand to both enterprises and individuals, striving to bridge distances and conquer time constraints without wreaking havoc on one’s finances.

Within the borders of Pakistan, an array of affordable courier services emerges, each an oasis of convenience and expeditiousness.

In this discourse, we embark on an expedition to unveil the ten most economical courier services gracing the Pakistani landscape. Diving into the intricacies of their offerings, unraveling the mystique of their pricing structures, and probing the depths of their customer service, we empower you to cherry-pick the quintessential service that aligns seamlessly with your requisites.

So, irrespective of whether your parcel’s voyage spans across the city’s confines or traverses continents, our compendium beckons. Embark on this journey through Pakistan’s realm of affordable courier services, and relish the harmonious fusion of convenience and economy they offer.

  1. OnTrack Pk
  3. Leopard Courier
  4. Pakistan Post
  5. M&P Express Logistics
  6. OCS Pakistan
  7. BlueEx
  8. Call Courier
  9. Cheetay Logistics
  10. Trax Logistics

Sending parcels and documents swiftly and economically has become a necessity, especially with the rise of e-commerce and online businesses. Courier services bridge the gap between sellers and buyers, allowing seamless delivery experiences. This article aims to highlight the top 10 courier services in Pakistan that offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Affordable Courier Service

Before we dive headfirst into the world of the most pocket-friendly courier services, let’s hit the pause button for a sec and ponder some pivotal factors.

These are the secret sauce, the backstage maestros that can either make your courier venture a smooth sail or a rocky ride. These unsung heroes wield the power to transform your parcel escapade into a saga of convenience or a tale of woe.

Speed of delivery, the extent of their coverage, the fancy tracking tricks they’ve got up their sleeve, and what the masses are saying in those customer reviews – these are the puzzle pieces that guide your savvy choice. 

So, gear up to ace the courier game by factoring in these unsung heroes before you take the plunge.

Top 10 Budget Courier Services in Pakistan

Ontrack Pk 

Let’s zoom in on OnTrack, a standout player. It’s not just a name, it’s a game-changer. With features like BULK SCAN LABELS, it’s like waving a magic wand over efficiency. 

OPTIMIZED ROUTES turn your courier escapades into a well-orchestrated symphony. And oh, the DASHBOARD ANALYTICS, a feast for data lovers. Step into the realm where packages meet precision.


TCS ECOM, a prominent player in Pakistan’s courier scene, shines bright with its blend of trustworthiness and cost-effectiveness. 

Its sprawling network ensures punctual deliveries, spanning bustling urban zones to far-flung locales. A go-to option for both individuals and businesses, thanks to its reliability and budget-friendly approach.

2. Leopard Courier

Leopard Courier, a well-known name in Pakistan’s courier industry, offers a blend of competitive pricing and expansive coverage. Their same-day delivery option and established trust among customers make them a reliable choice for efficient and cost-effective parcel shipments.

3. Pakistan Post

Pakistan Post, a government-operated courier service, is a budget-friendly choice for domestic and international shipping needs. With a widespread reach across the nation, it offers varied delivery speeds and an efficient tracking system. This service is favored for its affordability and reliable parcel deliveries.

4. M&P Express Logistics

M&P Express Logistics, a trailblazing name in Pakistan’s courier landscape, skillfully marries economy and effectiveness. Boasting an array of delivery choices, from swift same-day to anticipatory next-day and even international shipping, M&P blankets major Pakistani metropolises, streamlining rapid and hassle-free parcel dispatch and receipt.

5. OCS Pakistan

OCS Pakistan takes the lead in Pakistan’s courier domain, renowned for its pocket-friendly rates and unwavering reliability. Their user-friendly online tracking system lets you keep tabs on your packages, putting you in the captain’s seat of real-time monitoring.

With a sprawling network of agents, OCS spans the breadth of Pakistan, transforming package sending and receiving into a breeze, wherever you may be in the nation.

6. BlueEx

BlueEx is a popular courier service in Pakistan that specializes in e-commerce deliveries. It offers competitive rates and swift deliveries, making it a favorite among online sellers. BlueEx has a strong network of agents across Pakistan, so it can deliver packages quickly and efficiently to any part of the country.

7. Call Courier

Call Courier is a leading courier service in Pakistan that provides economical solutions without compromising on service quality. Call Courier steps up the game with an array of delivery options, tailoring its services to match diverse customer preferences. Boasting a robust agent network stretching across Pakistan’s expanse, they effortlessly facilitate the swift and seamless transfer of parcels.

8. Cheetay Logistics

Cheetay Logistics is a leading courier service in Pakistan that is known for its user-friendly app and competitive prices. It is a reliable option for quick and budget-friendly deliveries. Cheetay has a strong network of agents across Pakistan, making it easy to send and receive packages quickly and easily.

9. Trax Logistics

Trax Logistics is a leading courier service in Pakistan that offers cost-effective courier services without compromising efficiency. A versatile pick catering to both businesses and individuals, Trax stands out. Anchored by a robust agent network spanning Pakistan’s tapestry, it guarantees a seamless process of swift package sending and receiving.

Comparative Analysis of Services

To help you choose the best courier service, let’s compare their key features:

Courier ServiceDelivery SpeedCoverage AreaTracking System
OnTrack PkFastNationwideYes
TCS ECOMFastNationwideYes
Leopard CourierSame-dayNationwideYes
Pakistan PostVariedNationwideYes
M&P ExpressSwiftMajor citiesYes
OCS PakistanFastNationwideYes
Call CourierVariedNationwideYes
Cheetay LogisticsFastMajor citiesYes
Trax LogisticsSwiftNationwideYes

How to Save Money on Courier Services

While these courier services are already cost-effective, you can save even more by consolidating shipments, choosing off-peak hours for delivery, and utilizing special discounts and offers.

The Future of Courier Services in Pakistan

With the continuous growth of e-commerce and changing consumer preferences, the courier industry in Pakistan is expected to witness further advancements. More innovative solutions and enhanced cost-efficiency can be anticipated.


Gone are the days of dreading the hefty price tag attached to sending packages. The elite roster of Pakistan’s top 10 most economical courier services flips the script.

They lay out a buffet of options for individuals and businesses, ensuring parcels traverse the distance without scorching wallets. No more budget bonfires here!

Opt for the service that dovetails with your requirements, and voila, watch reliable and pocket-friendly deliveries unfold before you. It’s a win-win game where savings and efficiency walk hand in hand.

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