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How To Manage Cash On Delivery Orders?

COD or cash on delivery means that the customer pays the amount of the product after the delivery of the product. Data clearly depicts that the customers feel more confident when the product is handed to them before they pay. It has also boosted the sales of eCommerce websites.

In COD operations the delivery agents collect the invoice from the end customers. Now, here lies the problem. Most of the time the address quoted by the customer doesn’t pinpoint the delivery location. Sometimes delivery fails due to the absence of the end customer. All these factors and their likes create a huge gap between the numbers of income and orders placed. To solve such issues OnTrack has a pack of solutions. 

Confirming The Customer’s Location Through Delivery Rider’s Application

OnTrack provides its customers with a delivery rider application. This application shows the delivery rider all the information about the delivery destination. Before the delivery rider calls the end customer to confirm the availability of the delivery destination. Moreover, when the delivery rider confirms the availability of the end customer they also confirm the pinpoint location. This ensures the successful delivery and while on the call the rider confirms the given delivery destination address. This removes any probable errors during the delivery process. 

Cash On Delivery Management For Bulk Orders

Most courier companies use the COD method to help eCommerce businesses. This is because most customers aren’t comfortable with online payment methods. Sometimes customers aren’t capable of paying for the product due to trust issues between customers and the new brands. Whatever the reason is OnTrack helps in both the scenarios if the customer has already paid for the delivery and product we help in the delivery process. If the customer hasn’t paid and it’s the cash on delivery situation OnTrack provides trustable bulk cash on delivery feature. 

Let’s put this process under a microscope. If the delivery rider picks up the delivery orders in bulk they can save tons of time and costs. The dedicated delivery application then provides all the information regarding the cost for the COD and remaining delivery. You can administer the operations of COD through your dashboard. The dashboard provided by OnTrack is integrated with business intelligence features. So, if a COD gets delayed or a rider misses one, it alarms you through the dashboard and you can fix it right away.

Customer Satisfaction And Confirmations:

Often the delivery riders get delayed due to traffic or unexpected vehicle failures. You can always push forward a notification or send a text to the customer about the ongoing delays. Also, after the successful delivery of the customer’s cash on the delivery package, you can ask for a review. Interaction with the customer about their experience is always better for the longevity of the good service. 

You can then send these reviews and issues related to the product to the eCommerce vendor who sent the product. These notions ensure satisfaction from both the customer and the eCommerce vendor. OnTrack is the software that can be embedded with your eCommerce stores and you can cut the delivery company from the scene. This can only be made possible if you have a good delivery riders squad in all the areas of operation.



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