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How Courier Delivery Management Software Helps Manage Courier Operations

With a rising number of eCommerce websites and customers looking for one-day delivery, courier companies all over the world are under stress. A huge number of deliveries get delayed daily, due to several reasons. One thing is for sure that if there was a proper delivery management system embedded in the courier companies the workload would be reduced. 

OnTrack is the delivery management system designed to handle all kinds of workloads for businesses that involve delivery management. Juiced with business intelligence dashboards and individual applications for the delivery riders. OnTrack provides 360° assistance to all of the customer’s delivery operations from the warehouse to the end customer. Following are the special features that favor the courier companies the most.


Live Tracking Feature To Track Delivery Riders:

OnTrack comes with a delivery rider application that can be installed in both android and apple smartphones. The delivery rider application helps the courier company manager to track the riders during delivery operations. Live tracking feature helps the courier companies evaluate the performance of the delivery rider and helps to deliver errorlessly. 

Often the delivery riders improvise the routes and choose the shortcuts. This saves time and gives chance to the delivery riders to make more deliveries. By using the live tracking feature you can track and record this behavior. Also, if the delivery riders get stuck during the delivery process you can call and confirm the reason for the delay. This happens when sometimes an unfortunate event happens, for example, the failure of the vehicle. Without a live tracking feature, it might not be possible to track such events.  


Route Optimization For The Delivery Riders:

Delivery gets delayed all the time, and believe it or not it’s only because of the lousy route optimization of the courier companies. OnTrack helps the courier company with route optimization, this is the feature that analyzes the delivery points and then analyzes the distance and traffic situation. Then route optimization gives the courier administrator the recommendation for the fastest and fuel-efficient route. 

Route optimization is the eye candy for courier companies because there isn’t an expense bigger than the expense of fuel. It’s eye candy because it always suggests the route that saves the fuel. Moreover, the administrator in the courier company can change the routes and customize them according to the will. 


Order Scheduling For Courier Companies: 

Order scheduling is the feature that works best with the routes optimized and right before deliveries are ready to be sent. This feature helps the administrator decide the order of deliveries assigned to one rider, or what deliveries should be assigned to a rider. Focusing on the timeliness of the delivery, distance from the delivery’s destination, and making sure that no delays remain. 

Since it’s embedded with the heat map, the administrator can clearly see the areas with the most number of deliveries to deliver. By using this information he can then customize the routes or trust the OnTrack’s order scheduling feature. 


Managing Deliveries For Multiple Courier Warehouses: 

For those courier companies that have multiple warehouses in the same city, they can use the multiple warehouse feature. This feature enables the courier companies to manage the orders in a way that the consignments to be delivered are sent to the nearest warehouse to the delivery point. 
Multiple warehouses give you a branch profile that further manages its delivery riders through the branch admin panel. Making it easy to manage the delivery operations and to track the flow of cash on delivery orders. All the warehouses are assigned their delivery zones through the main admin dashboard using the data fetched by heatmaps.

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